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New cleanliness measures at vacation rentals

How we approach CLEANLINESS & provide a SAFE environment for our guests.

If you Think about booking a vacation rental, keep in mind a few things. Many vacation rental homeowners and property managers are reopening properties with new measures in place.

We are always pro-active, take initiative to improve our spaces, the quality of service we offer,

you are our priority.

Here's a few things to look for:

Hand sanitizer and disinfecting products

Hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap products are provided at our property entry points and key areas; although we know "CLEAN" you also are welcome you to bring your own personal supply of sanitization wipes and hand sanitizer if you so desire.

Social distancing and contactless experiences

1. We reduced the time you will spend during the check in process,

2. We ask of you to provide your ID's picture before arrival via e-mail or text. If we have to do that on arrival is contactless.

3. Also we are running the best Air purification technology in our main space for your safety. One day, soon you will need that for your home.

In many cases, the check-in and check-out process for vacation rentals will be contactless;

you can find this noted on the property details page.

Professionals Training for housekeeping & tips for you

We definitely had to re-design how we start and end the cleaning process. At our property, training was provided and we require for housekeeping staff to retrain themselves on enhanced cleaning procedures, focusing on high-touch surfaces like door handles, light switches and furniture.

And there is "things NOT TO DO" list for you.

Spacing out stays

At our establishment, we are taking in consideration how to position every guests, so rooms are assigned more separately. Many properties are extending the time between guest stays also to allow enough time for cleaning and disinfection which is a great thing.

Travel SAFE. Enjoy LIFE. Explore the UNKNOWN.

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