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There is a Little More to It

As the enclosed letter will present to you a few changes taking place here, I want you to be aware "there is a little more to it"

The first article in the News Letter #newsletter is describing the process of checking in and what's for you to expect next time you walk by our property; when you complete your booking with us don't be surprise if we ask of you to submit a copy of your ID's. YES, everyone staying needs to submit their ID, it's rather a Health Department of us to do and look, what times are we living in...

so, please take a picture and email it to me or subscribe to our WIx app.

This news letter will uncover other info you would like to have or know about.

We love for you to stay in a safe place that we provide for you R&R and that assurance comes with knowledge; learn what else we implemented at our facility. I definitely hope this bring you peace of mind. We do have all items - for sale, you will find in this previous Blog I wrote - the best technology on earth. That's preparedness!

Don't put off travel this season or next season! Adventure is calling your name! Be yourself, enjoy life!

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