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We've been thinking to let you know what we do and how we like to make you feel safe when traveling and lodging with us. Large improvements is not always necessarily best improvements, some times little improvements can make a bigger difference. Read on!

So, as you can tell, we in the lodging industry have to reconsider everything: how we do things, what we offer, what we discontinue to offer and all these we do with you in mind.

This article is presenting to you exactly that, new approach and proposals (on our side) coming your way!

What we can do in addition to many other efforts, is to invest in other technology and provide you with a great environment where you feel safe and can relax.

From breakfast, to rooms, to amenities and our entire property I LIKE FOR YOU TO FEEL SAFE AND KNOW THAT YOU CAN RELAX WHILE YOU VISIT AT OUR PROPERTY!

That's what vacation is all about!

Conclusion: LESS IS MORE! (as long as is all up to par)

Learn what we do at our property with the new technology we have! I'm glad to share this with you, so, you can find our property the perfect place for your get-away. Simplicity implies control over your indoor spaces and over the environment we offer our guests, like the saying "Less is more!"

  • We take our Active Pure Air Purifier unit and clean rooms between guests' stay.

  • We increased the strength of our spray cleaner to be even more effective.

  • We don't use any fragrant air freshener or any kind, knowing that does more harm to your health.

  • We take advantage of the architecture of our building to do cross ventilation, all windows are operable.

  • We change the way we clean to protect our employees as well, our routine changed.

  • We are consistent on how we do all things,

  • We never lower our standards and expectations on how we (the staff) care about this place and spaces we offer you.

  • OUR saying is: "Natural is better!" or "Simple is better!" that's what we love to know you will remember about our place.

Come back read more on our Blogs and stay safe out there!

Sign up and Save on our state of the art products! We provide you safety for the environment you are in (outside in), you can take care of the inside out.

You can say bye-bye to any worries/"Rona" when you are here.

Know where you go. Lodge safe where you stay. Relax on your trip & enjoy.

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