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Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Oh, the excitement of planning your trip is taking over! You learn your destination and would love to be there yesterday! (big smile)... But for real, who wouldn't be excited to discover and explore a new destination and get ready for it - NOW!

You might want to consider a few things NOT TO DO before you travel.

Here is a short list:

- DO NOT BUY new shoes: rather pack some shoes that are worn and your feet is comfortable in for hours at the time!

- DO NOT PURCHASE a new #phone; if you change phone unit for something different that you had before will be best to wait for your #vacation to be over; at times, for certain people this could be a difficult task learning all that comes with a new unit.

- DO NOT COMMIT to big #projects for your business that you can not complete before departure.

that's especially if you are a solo entrepreneur and wouldn't have someone to continue with the project.

- DO NOT FORGET to communicate with your team about your time off and delegate.

- DO NOT OVERLOOK the work load that can wait for you on return; use some strategy to ease your return time to approach tasks in an organized manner.

-DO NOT FORGET - A. - to inform the #authority (police office) of you not being in the house for a while, specify dates, asking them to keep an eye on your property while on patrol. Leave with them an emergency contact phone number/name, just in case.

- DO NOT FORGET - B. - in winter, to leave the heat on at a minimum of 55F to avoid freezing pipes or furnace failure.

- DO NOT FORGET - C. - to unplug most large appliances like Washer/dryer, counter top coffee maker,

also your PC, or make sure you have a great whole house power surge protector in place and you don't have to worry much about any of these.

- DO NOT FORGET - D. - to fill in the form at the Post Office to have your mail on hold.

Then, and only then "pack & go!"

Travel Well. Explore more. Stay Healthy.

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