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Travel Locally

Updated: May 29, 2020

At least, take a Trip in Your Own State.

Traveling doesn’t mean to have to go far away.

Start by exploring close to home attractions and enjoy a relaxing trips in a cozy hotel room

or a cabin.

When you book your trip, use options that will accommodate your stay and give you a new experience. Take control of your travel plans, book a last minute lodging as you know you can make it there and you don't have to cancel.

Get back to traveling while keeping your trips interesting, exploratory and allow you flexible route. To read more visit here

When staying with us you have a great variety of options to route your days; if you want to go South you will have the possibility of visiting Museums, Caves, Wineries, ETC. You can do canoeing, tubing, fishing and more

A beautiful ride takes you North along the Wisconsin River and you will enjoy the scenery any minute of it; you can take a train ride, a boat ride, visit the International Crane Foundation, other natural and parks state area for your enjoyment!

When you adventure West, you will find the drive on scenic By-Way to be just fascinating; if you make it as far, you can find yourself by Wyalusing beach and park where you can climb trails and visit caves. The spectacular view from the hill top will stay with you for a long time, you will be amazed to learn you are standing at the intersection where Wisconsin River meets the mighty Mississippi River.

Traveling East you find yourself in Madison where there are many of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, best, follow Frank Lloyd Wright Trails (look for the app). The city offers lots of entertainment, museums and parks where you can boat, fish or just relax.

We are walking distance from Nature Preserve Area, down town for dining and shopping, a bike trail starts right from our property, just take off and enjoy the ride.

Our priority is you, first; cleaning is vital for us, we have a system in place and when you stay with us, you will feel like home!

25%  of travelers said they will be more cost-conscious moving forward, which means they’re more likely to book budget-friendly nearby getaways rather than expensive far-off vacations. 24% plan to travel more closely to home than they would have in the past and 29% expect to take more domestic trips — both for convenience and to save on costs.

Note that quick trips also tend to come with shorter booking windows, and 31% of travelers said they expect to book trips closer to their travel dates than they typically have before..."

Where do you stand?

We plan to see you here soon and looking forward for you to creating memories to love to speak about to your grand kids one day!.

Travel well. Stay well. Enjoy the journey.

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