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Stuck at Home - what to do while at home

What are your favorite things to do at home?

What's necessary to have a great indoor environment? What does it take?

Looking to discover something new about yourself? "Have you Zazzled yet today?"

Here are some ideas, not all fun projects but some.

  • Cleaning your home: to ease that thought, brake it down to spaces, start with your the more difficult one

  1. the kitchen - declutter cabinets, make a pile for "donate" and clean the items you keep and reorganize your shelves.

  2. pantry seems to be an entire separate story - take your time and keep only the nonexpired items as you wanna eat healthy

  3. on surfaces, I learned about best product that makes sense to use not to harm your health or your cooking experience. Use this product for peace of mind and enjoy your environment - for kitchen uses and more click here

As you brake it down into spaces, each and every one other space become easier to do; crank up some music and stay focus on your task. To ease your intense physical labor look up this unit for the ultimate technology, active pure technology! It's a breather!

  • Clean up your E-mail, that one thing that is so much over due; your folders you don't refer to anymore, your Spam, Trash folder you hardly have the time to do; your device will breeze new life, speed and great performance at the same time! This is a Win-Win situation, your frustration goes away and next time you get to sit down and use your technology gear, you will feel so much better.

Here and now it's the fun project you can get engaged in and discover "the artist in you."

I'm pretty sure you love your family and want to gift them the most unique and fun things out there. And, on top of it it will be the best if you can use some family photos to imprint memories for a long time on any products available. "Design & Earn"

  • See samples and ideas of the work you can do, visit my page here.

  • Sign up for free with my team to "Design & Earn" royalties that is.

  • Put your skills at work and have fun with it at the same time, Zazzle will guide you.

  • Visit all my stores, sort it out for yourselves and you will be amazed!

And the last but not least is that one that's a necessity for your being: get moving! Take regular brakes to regain focus and gain more energy to finish the task at hand.

  • Make time for yourselves to exercise, or just get some coffee or fresh water, - drink the finest water with us.

  • Get an app or two that will keep you in shape and give you that energy boost you need every day.

Till next time: Stay well. Plan well.

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2 commenti

Carolina D
Carolina D
07 mag 2020

Find your motivation and take care of things, but more importantly, take care of yourselves.

Mi piace

07 mag 2020

It's great to have the option to take care of business and have some fun at the same time!

Mi piace
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