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  • As we are approaching the Winter season, same as in Spring, we all go through episodes of colds or other health challenges and with travel plans we have to consider some factors. The following article is giving you some options and what facts to consider if you have to cancel a flight and all related matters with you trip. "Am I to sick to travel" article explains . Stay healthy. Travel safe. Enjoy the journey.
  • This time we'll keep it brief, but I thought "it's good to know!" Subscribe to get the latest news right in you mailbox; visit our webpage to learn how Like us on Facebook and visit us often as we post the nearby attraction's events and other updates We have announced some offers for this month, learn more on this link Rates have dropped this month, we think you deserve that vacation you always wanted, make time to be here. We though you might like to know those few things that might make a difference in you decision when you book with us You are known for making smart decisions, just act on it! Travel well. Stay well. I'm here for you.
  • We are not much going to offer unwanted advice or unsolicited, however, at times if I find this to be helpful, and credible information, I will put it out there for you. In this article you can learn about jet lag - definition, symptoms, how to avoid getting that and how to prevent getting the jet lag. This is good reading and you will find some great advice; I really love this one and I always stick with it, personally that is the best advise I can give. "After you arrive: Stick to the local schedule. Try not to sleep until nighttime in the new time zone, and eat meals according to local time, too. If you're very sleepy the first day, take no longer than a 20–30 minute nap so you can still sleep at night." Be adventurous. Enjoy traveling. Disconnect. (at times)

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